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Help! Stuck in Durlag's Tower (spoilers)

ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 1,512
I'm in trouble. I'm doing a minimal reload run, so "reload and try again" would be my last option. This is what happened:

I got teleported on the chess board, so I can't go back. I went through that door and downstairs, met the ghost of Durlag who told me what I'd have to do, and his wife offered me the option to transport me out.
I've put all my companions' stuff into a container so that it won't disappear.

If I accept Islanne's offer to teleport me out of there, will I be able to go back after Raising my companions, to get their stuff and maybe even finish the tower?

If it's not possible to go back after being sent out by Islanne, will I be able to get back into the tower if I finish it going solo? And yes, I know that would be very difficult, especially because it's my first time in Durlag's Tower (if you don't count a run in 1999 or 2000 which I don't remember), but that's not the point.

I'd really, really appreciate any help. I'd just try to go ahead, but it would be frustrating to notice after several hours that I'd have to reload anyway and then repeat everything.


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