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Sir Sarles quest - Neb is missing

moominatamoominata Member Posts: 12
I’m doing the Sir Sarles quest to get the real illithium (while waiting for Jerlia to make the fake stuff). I talked to Unger Hilldark in the Copper Coronet. He told me Neb stole it, so I’m at Neb’s house in the Slums. It unlocks. But Neb is nowhere to be seen inside. I’ve gone back day and night, it’s not that. I’ve cast Detect Invisibility in case it’s that, but nope. What am I missing?

The only thing I can think of is maybe I talked to Unger too early, before getting the Sir Sarles quest. Because after getting the quest, I went back to the Copper Coronet and Unger told me to go away, so I assumed I must have spoken to him earlier in the game, then when I went to Neb’s house I was able to unlock it. But I have no journal entry saying Ungar told Neb stole the illithium.



  • moominatamoominata Member Posts: 12
    Ha... figured it out. I’ll leave this in case it helps somebody else. Although I had spoken to Jerlia the fake ore merchant, when I went back after 24 hours I did the dialogue in the wrong order. If you’re trying to get both the real and fake illithium for the extra XP, you have to FIRST pay 1000 for the knowledge of who has the real stuff (Unger) and THEN buy the fake stuff from her.

    One of many examples of things needing to be done in a very specific order.

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