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Geomantic Sorcerer + SCS install?

I just did a fresh install of a handful of mods. Spell revisions, bg1 npc pack, some kits and then scs.

I just saw the Geomantic Sorcerer kit and I want to install that. Will I be ok to install it now? Or would I need to reinstall scs and spell revisions after it?


  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,370
    edited June 14
    IIRC the GS mod adds its own custom spells and does not alter regular spells. It adds some druid spells to sorcerer's book, so I am not sure which version of those spells it will add to you since you have spell revisions. It can be the revisions forms you have, or base bg2 druid spells. It all depends on how the mod adds those spells. (if it copies from the game you have, in which case you will have revisions spells, or just adds base bg2 spells it had prepared beforehand.) Also, in revisions druids receive special regenerate wounds spells instead of cure wounds, but I predict geomantic sorcerer will still receive cure wounds spells in his sorc. book.

    These are the only conflicts I think may occur. Other custom spells and hlas added by the mod should work. I don't think GS mod alters ids tables or detectable spells, any mod that alters those or base bg2 spells can cause scs ai to function sub-optimally.

  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 645
    You won't upset SCS by editing spell.ids after it's installed. (That file is not actually used by the game engine, only to compile and decompile scripts - and SCS will have finished compiling).

    Conversely, you will probably traumatize SCS (and quite a few other mods) if you mess with Detectable Spells too badly.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,370
    Understood. I don't think GS mod alters detectable spells as it is not about caster/enemy ai, it just adds a kit, spells and hlas. I remember playing a geomantic sorcerer (or it was the former druidic sorcerer?) with scs installed many years ago. It was okay, IIRC. The kit is overpowered but extra challenge from scs balanced it somewhat. And I had fun playing, which is the main point anyway.

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