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imp51096454imp51096454 Member Posts: 4

It is known that the fire damage effect in Ice wind Dale is much better than that in BG2 with better rendering, and looks more natural. I have tried to import the graphic of fire damage effect from icewind dale to BG2, I simply changed the file name from "FIREH" to "SPFIRIMP" and imported it into the override. However, it failed to display the effect on IWD because the graphic is surrounded by black border in BG2. If you extract the bmp from "FIREH" and "SPFIRIMP" you will find that every corresponding frame from these two bam is not in the same size. I tried a second time, using PS to copy the graphic (from FIREH) and paste it in corresponding BG2 frame(from SPFIRIMP), the black border is still displayed. Any one know how to fix this problem? Or should I manually modify the BG2 frame to make them as similar to IWD as possible?

Unexpectedly, I found that by renaming "FIREH" as "spshkimp"(major bam for electricity damage), the fire clound was displayed perfectly when electric damage triggers.

Given the same bam is displayed differently simply by changing its name from "SPFIRIMP" to "spshkimp", I suspect there is some VVC that control the way fire and electric damge display, I have searched through the BG2 files, only to find spshkimp.vvc (there is no SPFIRIMP.vvc in BG2), but it seems that such vvc can not regulate "spshkimp" either. Perhaps it is hardcoded?

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