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Greatly increase draw distance for non-static placeables

I touched on this a bit in the thread for the new Toolset, but I'd like to formally request that Beamdog raise the draw distance on non-static placeables, or make that limit adjustable by module authors.

The new Toolset is awesome! The ability to scale and transform creatures and objects opens up endless possibilities for environmental storytelling. The advantage I'm most excited for is that this enables module authors to create huge setpieces and even add objects to the skybox without having to edit a tileset! I've been experimenting with creating mountain ranges and far-off cities in the horizon just by scaling placeables and using visual transformation to draw them outside the map.


However, there's one big problem: In order to transform a placeable, it needs to be non-static, and currently the maximum draw distance for a non-static placeable is notoriously small (about 30 meters) and there's no way to change it. For example, if you were to take a standard boulder placeable and resize it to create a mountain, that mountain is going to appear and vanish before the player's eyes.

It's possible to work around this issue by creating a copy of that placeable every 60 meters and transforming them to draw at the same location, but this wastes a lot of time and memory and makes the effect impractical for large areas.

If we could simply resize a placeable and have it be visible from the other end of a 20x20 map, the potential for inventive, monolithic structures would open up all-new possibilities for area builders! If possible, please consider removing this limit.



  • badstrrefbadstrref Member Posts: 124
    edited July 2019
    I've tried many ways to build up constellations over my main town, with beamnodes connecting them, but drawing distance made this unuseable; also there is a vfx-stacking bug when going in and out of perception

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  • IseweinIsewein Member Posts: 291
    I really hope Beamdog will be able to implement this at some point. It's a shame that we're either stuck with fog or with trees etc. that suddenly pop in and out of existence. I think NWShader used to have some options for this, but there seems to be no equivalent for EE yet.

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