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Cannot use Neera as the mage in Sondal's underdark tavern mage duels, only Nalia is an option?

NerfyNerfy Member Posts: 12
I was just wondering if this is intentional. There's no dialogue specific to announce the character selection, so it doesn't feel like something which Neera would be excluded from.

edit: Nevermind, Nalia wasn't an option after another fight either, and it turns out invisible mages can't be suggested.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 101
    Stealthed thieves can't be chosen for the warrior duels, either. I've run into that with backstabber protagonists; they have to stop hiding to accept the duel, and thus can't enter the arena already invisible.

    Being too far away will also cut you off; in order to accept the duel, a character has to be where the coordinator can see them. For the mage duels, they also have to have levels in mage, sorceror, or a kit of either. Multiclass characters are allowed, bards aren't.

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