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SCS BG 2 Run with prebuffed wizards

Hello everyone,

i am currently running my first ever Bg2 playthrough with SCS (Insane- Full instalation except improved beholders).

Given that this is the first time, i decided to run with a pretty overpowered party that consists of:

Berserker 9/Mage
Fighter/Cleric Dwarf
Elf Archer
Elf Diviner
Hexxat (firetooth and the dart from SoD)

I finally finished all the Akhtala questlines and i must say the hardest one by a lot was the mage stronghold (ever harder than the shadow dragon). Tolgerias and Lavok were a big pain considering they had things like Spell Trap and improved invis + SI Divination.

The dilema is that i am planning on getting Imoen (not because of the class, but because of her being a core npc) and given that i like having a druid i won't drop Jaheira (plus i am romancing her). The question is how hard does the game get without having a Detect Illusion thief to counter the combo of SI Divination + Invis since Imoen is pretty bad at it?.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • tedmann12tedmann12 Member Posts: 57
    I’ve never had a problem without a detect illusion thief tbh

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,375
    It is perfectly doable.

    Though if you want to have an easier time without a detect illusion thief, you may want to have a high level dispel/remove magic at hand to deal with those si:div+invisibility mages. Inquisitor and bards are very good dispellers since they dispel at high power levels. A single class mage does not rise in enough levels in a party play to have a reliable remove magic for the %80 of the game.

    If you have spell attacks have aoe option, si:div+invisibility combo is easy to deal with, debuff with area effect spell protection removals and you can get rid of si, then true sight+breach and done.

  • TheLungoTheLungo Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the feedback.

    1 more question, is there an effective way of dealing with fallen planetars other than just go all in on them?.

    They are very tough to bring down.

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