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Tips on which PW to join?

Since Glorwing (the obvious choice) is not up yet, I'm looking for a PW to replace my current addiction of Blackstone Keep. (Blackstone Keep is truly awesome, but I've been playing there for so long I need to change things up a bit.)

I hope I can get some tips here. I'm looking for this:
- No hardcore rest restrictions. I can live with carrying some food and a bedroll, but I want to be able to rest now and then without having to walk three hours to a tavern and then back again.
- No permadeath or "10 deaths and you're permadead" or other silly death penalties that takes 15 minutes just to read through. I especially hate the "chance of losing the weapon you carry". I can live with losing cash and some xp.
- Some way to avoid PvP if I don't want to participate.
- Some players to RP with if I feel like it. Especially during European afternoons.
- Allows multiclassing without too many restrictions.
- Cool items. Maybe a nice crafting system that doesn't take an engineering exam to figure out.
- Possible to quest/level up alone without getting killed all the time.

So, any suggestions?


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