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Torn on the party setup Hexxat vs Imoen


So about a year ago I started a new play-trough of the complete saga. My idea was to play only characters that are present in every game. With some minor adjustments. I am having a party of Five:

Bhaalspawn Stalker, Minsc, Viconia, Neera, and Imoen + the last slot for any random npc's that are needed for quests etc. Now, we all know what happens at the beginning of BG2 and now I have switched Imoen to Hexxat. I just retreived Shroud of the Unproved and released her from the L. I have pretty much done most of the sidequests that I wanted to and I am about to leave for Spellhold. The thing is, I have sort of grown into her. I liked her questline and the banter is kinda cool. It is almost the only banter I have from this party.

I really have to make a decision will I let her go or keep her as the 6th npc in the party. It seems a bit too much in terms of xp sharing and the pure thief that I have to bring along, on the other hand Hexxat stats are crazy, shes immune to so many things and is the only one who can set traps from my team. For the practicallity of it, that slot seems to be more useful with other random NPC's, but from role-play perspective I kind of like it.

Any advice on how to proceed?




  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 305
    Sounds like a good team setup, with two warriors up front and a decent healer in the form of Viconia. No need to kick out anyone, and Neera and Hexxat will have decent new sidequests when you reach TOB.

    If you want to pick up temporary Party members, just leave Neera or Imoen somewhere for a while and recover them once you’re done.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,596
    I have no doubt.
    With lets say aerie hexxatt would be an interesting choice, for the new content, because the kit is fun to play and stats and immunities make her strong, and the traps give many tactical options bejond the easy obvious uses.
    But a wild mage as only arcane caster for me is not a good choice, even if i am not a no roader i find too risky to use on party spells, a surge that turns a skull trap into a fireball is not a problem, but if the intended spell is improved haste and you roast the toon instead i find it... annoying.

    Rescue Immy and she will your party buffer and in the end a powerful mage. After all you have a stalker for the stabs, that Imoen can not cover.

  • TheLungoTheLungo Member Posts: 20
    Hexxat really pulls her weight even when not doing thief things. She has very nice fighting capabilities and due to the fact of being a pure thief, she will have high skill scores which are always useful (specially on a moded game). She is the closest to a Berserker Thief you will get from NPC's.

  • RideratRiderat Member Posts: 136
    edited July 8
    I see.

    What do you think about changing her with Minsc? Given that the stalker is currently dual wielding katanas. And is not the most tanky character in the game.

    Will I not bee shooting myself in the leg there, giving up possibility to have heavy armor and two handed weapons?


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,596
    you need a tank and frontline fighter as the stalker has armor limitations and if DW can not use shield, and you need a secondary mage unless you count on the power of reload to deal with wild surges, thing that makes the use of a wild mage only an OP version of a regular one and kills all the fun of using the kit, that is really powerful, but needs particular caution and proper use.

    but don't worry, you have the 6th place free for the other NPCs during their own quests (even if you can do the quests without them, ie the d'arnise keep without nalia or the temple ruins without mazzy).
    as all the quests that are someow tied to NPCs are chap 2 ones when you will rescue Imoen the 6th place will be free for her. You can have both in the party, imoen as secondary mage and hexxatt as main thief and helpers for the fighters.
    Minsc is not the best tank, but can tank, charname and hexxatt can support him flanking and stabbing, and you will have 3 toons dedicated to casting, you should have no problems.

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