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BG:EE (GOG) Stuck in Jail CandleKeep - Chap 6 - Tweaks is the problem

Hello All,

Um Spoiler? If you haven't played before don't read this? lol

I got stuck through many save/reloads in chapter 6 using EE version in the candlekeep jail after you get arrested the screen shows my party in jail and nothing happens...a cut scene of sorts is supposed to happen where you are visited twice by men in robes. I actually left it to sit over night in case it was just moving REALLY slow.

Turns out the Tweaks UI thingy I believe was the problem. I ditched Savana and got Imoen thinking maybe I needed her for the Keep (I didn't think so though) I went through basically every stinking possible combo I could think of for the order of searching the keep (side note, I would say this is the one place in the game that is most disjointed.)

Finally I changed the name of the folder and had GOG client reinstall the game fresh into a new folder, and it worked fine.

Anyone else know which tweak could be the culprit? I use lots of them, many visual tweaks, convenience tweaks, changed spell tables, better character advancement stuff (grandmasters and dual class for everyone kinda things), bottomless bag of holdings, and the uber buggy one...change the icon image to make same containers look different.

Also, I think its the icon change but one of the tweaks make many item descriptions all messed up. Meaning, when I right click on an inventory item 50% of them have some random description/text instead of the actual item proper description. thoughts on this?

Anyway, I post in case anyone else runs into this, reload existing save using a clean game install...then in the catacombs go back to your tweaked out install.

Anyone know for sure what caused it?

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