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Throwing Dagger APR

From what I have read, throwing daggers get 2 APR automatically. My current char is grandmastery in daggers, and when I equip poisoned throwing daggers, it says I have 7/2 APR. when I have a melee dagger out it says I have 5/2 APR. The problem is I am clearly attacking faster in melee then with my throwing dagger.

Anyone know whats up?


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,596
    the other difference between throwing daggers and returning daggers is that the latter ones get a bastard sword like damage roll, that with the str bonus ranged and the +1 apr mlee make them really strong weapons.

    about the fake attacks in mlee are added as a flavor, to avoid the look of a toon with few apr remaining idle for like 6 seconds after performing their only attack/round.
    it does not affects in any way the real apr, as can be easily seen in the text feedback, but there are reasons to disable it if someone likes to have more control of the game. i keep them always disabled so i know when a caster has completed his attacks for the round and can use the remaining time to throw in a quick spell, of a long one if the apr is 1 and he uses a fast weapon, or to relocate the characters after they have done all the attacks instead of doing it a little earlier loosing some attacks.
    in not EE it is also useful to have a bard sing and attack in the same round, while in EE the song has been changed (2 text messages about the song instead of one and no one perfectly syncronized with the end of the round) and to do it has become a nightmare.

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