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(uh kinda spoilers) can somebod help me plz im confused what I might've done wrong

soo i already tried asking this on reddit but it seems people dont really have much idea. First of all, I think i got chaotic status (achievement popped up) right after killing one of the ghouls in the crypt of embraced. Not sure, maybe other things led to this, but why would the achievement pop up right after killing one of them? I was told that killing "innocent" ones might do that, (the wiki says otherwise but still..) but those were naturally hostile. Other than that, I also got achievement for getting evil status after killing one of the rats in many-as-one crypt.. Are they considered "innocent" too? I didn't steal or demand rewards, maybe threaten some people (the lady that lured people in alley of dangerous angles and a bunch of dudes in rag-picker's square (specifically that they might upsed the lady of pain if they attack me, I think?)), but, again, it popped right after the enemy died. What bugs me the most is that I supposedly upset the lady of pain. As far as I remembe, I didn't become follower of aoskar, didn't do anything with the rag doll, didn't kill any civilians other than the ones that naturally turn hostile without even talking. The only dabus I killed was the one necessary to progress for the stone face, and still, I didn't kill him personally, just sent him to that house where one dabus was dead already. Anybody has idea why all those things are happening?
(not sure if that changes anything, but just saying, I also upset one of the flying dragon-like things by talking to him, and I guess I made some people hostile by dialogue, (made them run, specifically) but that's either because one of them stole something from me or because I exposed that fake dustman, doubt if that counts but idk)


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,208
    I haven't played PST:EE yet, but long, long ago when I played the original PST, actions that shifted you towards Chaotic generally falls into two categories:

    1. Lying (this includes pretending your name is Adahn)
    2. Breaking a Vow (BIG shift towards Chaotic)

    I'm not sure why killing a ghoul might have shifted you towards Chaotic, unless you maybe promised not to harm the undead or something similar? It's been too long since I played PST though, I can't remember.

  • saircorsaircor Member Posts: 9
    Nah, I don't think there was any promise. It was before i entered dead nations and even here I think there were no promises like that. I'm least worried about chaotic though, more about evil and upsetting the lady.

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  • saircorsaircor Member Posts: 9
    huh, well maybe but it's kinda weird that both achievements popped right after killing an enemy. I don't remember much threats other than the 2 i listed though (not sure if ragpicker's square guys even count, it wasn't an direct threat). Either way, any ideas why I got mazed though?

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