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Why must I be such a masochist

rafael_altrafael_alt Member Posts: 2
I started playing D&D back in '90 or '91 and tried to play Icewind Dale when it came out, but never got to the end of it. Fast forward to this day, here I am, forty-something, making my way through this beautiful game.
Funny thing, I like to play solo, like I'm that little guy (or gal) on screen, being responsible for no one else. It makes no sense to control multiple people simultaneously. That's how I went through BG 1&2, NWN 1&2, expansions etc.
I now find myself trying to get rid of those spectral guards at Maluradek Castle (Trials Of The Luremaster) as a 30-lvl female human bard.
Yes, just one character, and that is a 30-lvl bard.
Since I couldn't find any thread so specific, I wonder if you people have any suggestions.

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  • rafael_altrafael_alt Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2019
    Ok, I just went back to my spellbook to see if I there was something different I could try and a few minutes later I was able to take seven or eight of them, one at a time - thank you, next, Ariana Grande-style.
    That's something I very much like in RPGs like these: it pushes you to find a way, a different way of accomplishing something. For over one hour I banged my head against the wall ("the wall" being those guards) and when I thought "I must approach this differently" it took me one shot. With just a (very high level) bard.

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