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BG2 EE - Problem scribing scrolls

spinglespingle Member Posts: 1
So I recently started playing BG again and I wanted to try a solo playthru of BG2.

I removed the exp cap and created a f/m/t with exp equivalent to if I'd played thru SoD. The playthru has been going well - taken down Kangaxx and Red Dragon with relative ease and thou I'm still in chapter 3 my 3 classes now have 2.5m exp each.

So I was doing Neera companion quests and I scribe a scroll....
You have received 550818736 experience

I thought this was a wild magic surge so I loaded again and tried with different scrolls back in Ahkatla...
You have received 550818736 experience

Now this seems to happpen whenever I try to scribe any scroll? Looked online and found no mention of this strange bug anywhere... and one have any thoughts?

btw - the 550m exp was enough to instantly max level my 3 classes at lvl 50 :D



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