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[SPOILERS] Chapter 6 Bugs (Romance, Keep Quests Not Progressing)

MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
Bohdi did not kidnap my lover in Chapter 6...looks like the romance value (for Jaheira) is at the 27th chat or so, and it's status 1 (romance progressing)--using numerous C: command console stuff hasn't triggered the next conversation yet (including "C:AdvanceRealTime(99999)"), despite much resting outdoors, realtime spending, etc., and I just opened up the final area in the game, so is there a way to trigger the next romance stage via console commands without going to wander in the wilds until the romance triggers?

Also, my keep quests have not advanced to the Chapter Six ones either...what gives? Is the EE bugged? Or is it because I did too much of the content before closing Chapter 2? (I did Trademeet, Windspear, Umar, and De'Arnise all before the end of Chapter 2).

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  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 397
    With Jaheira's romance, the two main bottlenecks I know of are:

    1. At some point you will need to rest outdoors so that you can trigger the bandit ambush where Jaheira is taken hostage. It sounds like you're past this point, however.
    2. When her romance progresses enough, you will need to return to the Harper Hold to kick off the Jaheira-Harper conflict. I'm not sure if you've done this, but that's probably the hold-up.
    3. There's two points during/after the resolution of the Harper conflict where a certain disguised mage will show up, and he can sometimes take his time with appearing. However, you can manually spawn him in with console commands if he's not showing up.

  • MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
    edited July 23
    Yeah, I already rested outdoors multiple do I manually spawn the disguised mage? And any idea why my fortress quests are also not triggering? I completed the priest of Tempus quest before triggering Chapter 3, but now, it's been several weeks since I emerged from the Underdark, and I haven't heard anything or seen the keep messenger, and chatting to the majordomo reveals no guests.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,277
    You also need to buy a locket from a merchant at the Docks District. He will flag you down as you walk past him.

    As for the disguised mage, he appears based on a REAL TIME timer. There is a console command to skip the real time clock, but I don't remember it. To clarify, CTRL-T only progresses the game time clock.

  • MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
    Bought the locket and had the interaction, but nothing further happened. What codes can I use to get the Jaheira romance to progress properly? Was the bandit interaction maybe meant to be earlier? I read somewhere else that chat 27 is actually after the bandit attack (?!) in which case I'm meant to be beyond it even though I'm not...

    And I still don't understand why the keep quests aren't working properly either. They shouldn't be as buggy as the Jaheira romances.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 397
    I'm pretty sure that the locket doesn't actually have anything to do with Jaheira's romance in terms of progressing it, based on what I could see from scrutinizing the dialogue files. It's sweet though, and you should definitely see it for yourself if you're romancing Jaheira.

    To manually spawn the disguised mage, use the following console commands (credit to whomever added this info on the Wiki):


    Note that I think this is the command to actually spawn the mage for the final dialogue at the conclusion of the romance, however. If you haven't done the Jaheira-Harper conflict quests yet, this might wind up seriously breaking something. Whereabouts exactly are you in her romance? Has Jaheira been summoned back to the Harper Hold already? Have you? Have you met Dermin a few times already?

    The AdvanceRealTime command is the console command ThacoBell is speaking of. However, if you've been spamming it and nothing's happening, there's likely something else that's blocking progress.

  • MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
    Haven't had Jaheira kidnapped yet, and so Jaheira hasn't had to return to the Hold it looks like I shouldn't spawn the mage yet. How do I spawn the kidnapper? Is there a guide somewhere indicating all the creatures that can be spawned via console, and indicating what their code is?

    I'm at my wit's end here as far as the fighter keep quests go too. Lots of XP lost there, no thanks to the buggy Enhanced Edition. I don't remember the keep quests bugging like this in the original.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 397
    Wait, so you haven't actually had the encounter out in the wilds where Jaheira is taken hostage yet? That's triggered by resting in a wilderness map (De'Arnise Keep works fine for this).

    The Harper's Hold quests are triggered via a few ways:

    1. The first Harper's Hold quest starts when you travel between maps in Athkatla. You'll find a man named Renfeld under attack by assassins, and he'll ask you to bring him to the Harper's Hold in the Docks.
    2. After this, just outside of the Sea's Bounty Tavern, you'll be approached by Xzar who wants you to do a quest for him. Complete this quest.
    3. Next up, you've got to progress Jaheira's romance to a certain point (which is after the hostage situation) and a few other conversations, and THEN a Harper comes to summon Jaheira back to the Harper's Hold. The key factor here is that this Harper does not spawn until after you've done Xzar's quest AND, if romancing Jaheira, are past a certain point in her romance.

  • MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
    Yeah, no encounter where she was taken hostage. I finished the Xzar quest ages ago. Should I upload a save somehow? I feel like it's difficult to see how messed up this is without one.

    In the meantime I guess I'll just work on a neutral/evil character. *sigh* And I was doing so well as a monk. :(

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,277
    I don't know if this is required, but I only ever got Jaheira's note (telling you she went back to the Harper hold) after resting OUTDOORS.

  • MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
    I rested outdoors tons, but I think the absence of the kidnapper is what is really causing problems. Not sure why the De'Arnise Keep quests (it's my Monk Stronghold) are bugging out too though.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,277
    You post in the troubleshooting thread and include your save game. Someone there could take a look and see what is up with your variables.

  • MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
    How do I upload the saves? When I click the save, it opens up as a folder and shows only pictures of characters in the party and a map image....I don't see any data files in the My Document > Saves area...

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 187
    The save should be a folder (named #########-savename), containing several .bmp picture files with portraits and the like, plus a .gam file and a .SAV file with the data. The standard here for uploading saves is to zip that whole folder and attach it to a post.

  • MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
    No word on how to rejuvenate the romance still--would spawning the kidnapper work? Or was it a party of kidnappers?

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 397
    It is a group of bandits, yes, and unfortunately I don't know the variable that sets it to trigger off hand. :/

  • MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
    Damn! So it's stuck forever?! There *has* to be a solution for this right? Surely someone ran into it before on the BG2 EE....if I go straight to Suldanessalar, will the romance carry forward to TOB?

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 397
    You can set the key romance variable (I think it's "JAHEIRAROMANCEACTIVE") to 2 using EEKeeper; that effectively tells the game the romance is locked in and it will carry over to ToB, yes.

  • MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
    Ah, ok. I'm hoping to have some more of the romance in the game itself as well. What's EEKeeper? Judging by a simple Google search it's some sort of mod--is there a way to simply use console codes within the game to get the romance set in the right place?

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,666
    EEkeeper is not a mod, but a very useful program that allows to edit saves.
    Is much easier to look at the variables and change them if needed from that program then to use console.
    It is free, trusted and allows much more, i use it to give different classes to the npcs, and it is only one of the tasks it allows to perform.
    Give it a try. ;)

  • MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
    Hm...but isn't there a risk that altering the saves with it can cause the saves to crash the game? I guess it couldn't generate the bandit scenario either though right?

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 187
    It's possible to alter a save into a form that crashes the game, I'm sure. It's not something I've ever run into using EEKeeper, because I stick to alterations I basically understand.

    Also, with standard EEKeeper settings nothing is unrecoverable; no saves are ever overwritten. If you make a mistake and create a broken save, you can just go back to the save you started with.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,666
    yep, unless you disable it the new save has a modified name and the old one is kept.
    as you are changing game variables to do it with console or EEkeeper has the same effect, and when such changes are done is wise to have a savegame to revert to if something goes wrong.

    it is more risky to alter the game without having a save, EEkeeper do the thing for you and you can easily scroll all the varibles active in the game, even if a description of what the variable control is not given from the names often it is possible to guess what many of them do.

  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 233
    edited July 29
    As far as I know, it is not possible to screw up unrecoverably in EEkeeper, because it automatically appends a save number to the file. I mean, I suppose you could override it somehow, but that would be dumb. This is good, because it is very possible to screw up a save game to where it crashes the game itself.

    However, you can use the console to alter all of these variables, which is vastly safer.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 187
    Even erasing those numbers and using the same name as the original save won't overwrite it; the 9-digit number in the save folder's name will still be different. You'll just have multiple saves of the same name in the in-game menu, which could be confusing.

  • MythdraconMythdracon Member Posts: 187
    Ok, thanks! I might give it a try if I can't get the bandit attack to work with the Jaheira romance (one of only many other bugs in the BGII: EE, unfortunately--pathing also seems worse).

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