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Spell Sequencer Vanished?

OK, this is a bit of a strange bug, but hopefully somebody here may know how to resolve it. I noticed earlier today that Aerie's Minor Spell Sequencer has vanished from her special ability list (her higher-level Spell Sequencer is mysteriously still there), yet going into her spellbook and clicking on the Contingencies button shows that Minor Spell Sequencer is still active. Does anyone know of any way to reset her Minor Spell Sequencer? There's no way to dismiss it in the way you can for Contingencies, and because the ability itself is missing, I can't manually remove it via EE Keeper either.


  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 6,170
    Re-casting the spell works but you'll have two sequencers memorized then. I get this problem when I use 'ctrl-R' to heal a character. It dispels your stoneskins and other protections as well as clears your contingencies and sequencers. It used to only clear the icons off your portrait but leave the contingencies working and you could still fire your sequences from the special ability button so I don't know why you couldn't fire your minor sequencer.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,038
    Mmm, I don't think I've ever used Ctrl-R on her. I think the problem cropped up when I insta-transferred my party to ToB after finishing the last SoA fight with Irenicus. I hadn't really checked, but it was only in ToB that I noticed that her Minor Sequencer was gone. Anyway, if I can recast the Minor Sequencer then I'll just do that and try and ignore the extra one hanging around. I'll test it tomorrow.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,270
    i recall back in the vanilla days, this would happen if you beat SoA and then your team imported over to ToB, all sequencers and triggers would disappear from the special abilities button, but they would "still be active" it was a weird bug back then

    although for the EEs i found that for the most part this was fixed ( although usually i never use those spells so i haven't tested it in a while )

    if recasting minor spell sequencer doesn't work, you can use Near Infinity to open your game, and you will no doubt be able to find the broken one there and then you can delete that one, and recast it

    ( i have a hunch that if you already have a sequencer in place it will say if you try to cast another one; you may only have one sequencer at a time ) but i could be wrong

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 876
    I've got the inverse - nothing listed in the spellbook, but the characters have sequencer abilities. Using any of them results in, well, nothing. While the sequencers don't remember the spells in them, they do remember the targeting characteristics; casting a new sequencer adds to the stack if it's targeted the same, and creates a new stack if it isn't.

    Using the sequencer ability uses up the whole stack. There is no possible benefit to the player from this bug.

    Here's a save with the issue, to play with. None of the spellcasters have sequencer spells memorized, but there's a Minor Sequencer scroll in the protagonist's scroll case. Jan's minor sequencer targets a creature, while Aerie's minor sequencer targets the ground.

    There are no mods used, so it should be easy to load.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,270
    okay, although luckily the problem that this file has, is easily fixable

    all you have to do, it use up the sequencers and then recast them, and then once recasted ( after being used up so they are fresh )

    then they continue to work as normal, so worse case scenario if Zaxares is having this exact problem, this is easily solvable by just using the sequencer up

    but by the sounds of it, Zaxares can't use it up because it's not in the special ability button, so hopefully Zaxares can use NI and fiddle around with the save game there and delete it that was because NI digs way deeper than EE keeper does when it comes to creature files

    if not, i could try using NI and see if i can find it there if i was given Zaxares' save game

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 876
    Actually, with the save I posted, it doesn't matter whether you use up the old sequencers. If you cast a new one and then use it, it'll wipe out the old ones (with the same targeting) anyway. Forgetting the spells in your sequencers is an inconvenience, but the current state of things is really just some irrelevant clutter in the ability bar. When I get around to finishing that run, I probably won't even bother casting new sequencers.

  • magaritymagarity Member Posts: 51
    edited August 2019
    I'm getting the same thing; Imoen, Jan, Aerie all have sequencers listed in the spellbook but the little icons never show up. The only one that shows up is Spell Trigger. Major and minor sequencer do not. It's more than a little irksome!
    Trying to cast it again says "you cannot have more than one of the same contingency". So all 3 are dead in the water for sequencers :(

  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 794
    edited August 2019
    @magarity: Two ways to fix that:

    1) If you have cheats enabled, you can CTRL+R while hovering the mouse over the affected character.

    2) Use EEKeeper / Near Infinity to delete all instances of Opcode #256 on the affected party members.

    Either way, certain spell trigger ability buttons might stick around - just use them like you would before, it'll have no effect and fix everything up. If you want you can upload your save here, (or PMs if you wish), and I'll fix it for you.

  • magaritymagarity Member Posts: 51
    yeah, except on Android I can't use either of those. really, i'd rather a patch come out soon that fixes this.

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