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Where's next Hjollder location?

Hello everyone! I am currently soloing HoF and before going to Severed Hand I decided to visit HoW to get some easy XP and buy powerfull spells. I managed to save Hjollder from Burial Island, but after another teleportation to Kuldahar and back he disapeared. That was pretty confusing, I searched in all Lonelywood and near Barbarian camp and he wasn't there. Where can I find him now? Do I have to complete HoW now in order to return to Kuldahar?


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,208
    I believe that once you start Heart of Winter, there is no way to return to Kuldahar without completing the expansion, so yes, I'm afraid you're stuck there. On the bright side, you'll be going back with a lot more XP and spellpower than you expected! ;)

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