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Amulet of Seladrin missing?

So, I finally finished SoA for the first time, yay!

During the cutscene that followed, I was supposedly given the amulet, but after ToB started, and I got control, I could not find the amulet.

My Charname's inventory was full at end of SoA, so maybe that caused it? I couldn't find it in companion inventory, either.

Maybe is a bug I should try to report?


  • leeuxleeux Member Posts: 101
    Log doesn't say anything about items gained or lost?

    Normally, in my experience, when something is forcefully added by dialogue and inventory is full, other stuff gets dropped instead... so, I can't guess what could've happened... then again, I haven't finished SoA recently after patch 2.5 so I can't discard the possibility of it being an issue or a change IDK about :confused:

  • ElysianEchoesElysianEchoes Member Posts: 416
    edited August 5
    Couldn't see lol during cutscenes. Then was in ToB.

    Edit: I redid the final battle of SoA, making sure my Charname had room in inventory. I got the amulet this time. Seems it is a bug with full inventory.

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