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  • AngulimalaAngulimala Member Posts: 42
    I've had her in my party for a few hours of my current playthrough. She's had one banter with my Charname and one with Viconia. Apparently she has a quest and backstory development, but I haven't seen any beyond her one banter. Her custom voice set is an acquired taste, and I will say one of her attack sounds is the most BRUTAL I've ever heard, I jumped in my seat the first time I heard it! She's a melee brawler through and through and fits the stereotype, though I'm not sure I dig her kit. I hope her quest fleshes out her character a bit, otherwise she's a low intelligence meat shield who can't wear plate armor, and I will lose interest.

  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 900
    What scares me a bit is that the mod seems to be incomplete given that the author lost all the work he had poured in a potential 3.0 version. Maybe, though, the mod still has enough content. Hopefully I'll try it someday.

  • AngulimalaAngulimala Member Posts: 42
    I've been using her as an alternate in my current evil playthrough, and after I kicked her out of the party the second time, she disappeared forever. The other time she says "find me where we first met" or something like that. So I guess that's all I'm going to see of her. I think she has crossmod content with Kido the evil jester, so something to consider if you are curious about both.

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