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Zaram Maldovar's Cure to Restartitus Challenge

ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,284
With my No-Reload Attempts not going so well (Rest assured Twelve the Abjurer shall get his day eventually) I decided it was time to come up with a new challenge, one that I hope will cure not only my own restartitius but one that will hopefully do the same for others. One that will work where my New Party Challenge failed, one that borrows elements from other challenges and molds them into one I present...

Zaram's Maldovar's Cure to Restartitus "Grab Bag" Challenge Version 1.0

The Rules-Mandatory (I will be using these rules)
1. You must successfully complete the entire saga from Candlekeep to the Throne of Blood. EE Trilogy is optional, but recommended.
2. You must play at Core Rules or Higher
2. Cheat Codes are allowed but ONLY to fix glitches in the game. All mods are permitted.
3. You may reload, but only if the main character dies. All other consequences such as massive reputation loss, failure to complete quests, party member chunking, etc. must be dealt with accordingly.
4. Upon the death of the main character you must avoid a Critical Failure on a D20 in order to continue playing the game
Death #1-5: Critical Failure counts as a 1 on a D20
Death #6-10: Critical Failure counts as 1-2 on a D20
Death #11-20: Critical Failure counts as 1-5 on a D20
Death #20+: Critical Failures counts as 1-10 on a D20
5. Upon Character Creation you must spin a wheel to determine your character's race, class and alignment (Gender is your decision) removing any choices that cease to be available due to restrictions. You should be able to find a Wheel Spinning app on either the internet or your phone. If you do not have access to such means feel free to create your own decision chart based on dice rolls. This will create a randomization effect so you never know what you may receive.
6. If your wheel lands on a class that has class kits you must choose one rather than play a vanilla class.

Optional Rules
1. If you have already completed (or attempted) the challenge you are not allowed to use any of the same NPCs you had in your party in the previous attempt. Exceptions to this rule are Siege of Dragonspear as well as temporary companions for quests that can only be completed with a certain NPC in the party (I will be using this rule).
2. Apply the Critical Role to NPC deaths as well. If you fail the role, you must remove that NPC from your party instead of resurrecting them (I will NOT be using this rule)
3. Post your challenge in the form of a journal in character (I will try to use this rule but will stop if it becomes too inconvenient for me)
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  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,284
    Ok so I know this is ironic but after Shara dying (Gnoll Stronghold got a lucky hit) I'm returning to my No Reload Run attempts.

    Twelve the Abjurer shall live! (Hopefully)
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