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BG2EE attacks per round question (actual vs character sheet)

I decided to take a trip down nostalgia lane this weekend and replay BG2 (playing the EE via steam, core rules, no mods). Rolled an archer and noticed after a few fights that the archer seemed to be attacking slowly compared to the other charters in the party. So I did some testing with a stopwatch and it seems that anyone using a melee weapon attacks more often than they should.

Ranged works fine - the archer with 3 attacks per round (as per char sheet) attacks exactly 3 times every six seconds. Cleric with a sling (1 APR in char sheet) attacks once per 6 seconds as you would expect.

The melee characters however are straight-up busted. Minsc with a two hander (2 APR on the char sheet) attacks 3 times every 6 seconds. Jaheira with a quarterstaff (3/2 APR in char sheet) attacks even faster at 7/2 APR (7 every 12 seconds).

I loaded up an old save from a couple years back and the same thing happens - Fighter with 3 APR (warhammer + shield) in char sheet attacks 9 times per 12 seconds. Switch to sling and he attacks once per 6 seconds as you would expect.

Couldn't find anything from googling so was wondering if anyone here knows what's going on? Is there some intended invisible buff to melee in the engine or it is simply a bug? I thought it might just be a visual bug (ie animation playing too often without actually rolling an attack) but it's not - I tested on a low armour target and every animation hits and deals damage. So Jaheira with 3/2 APR on her char sheet is landing 7 damaging hits every 12 seconds... Makes playing anything other than melee completely pointless.


  • smyth25smyth25 Member Posts: 204
    edited August 2019
    Melee attackers have additional 'cosmetic' attacks (as in they don't actually do anything), which is meant to represent parrying, blocking, and the like. If you want you can turn them off in the settings by ticking 'No cosmetic attacks' in the feedback section. Perhaps that might also stop the extra damaging attacks as well? Might be some sort of bug but I've never seen the likes of that in my games

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