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Forgot the Luremaster. Please help!

HOW finished. Now back in Kuldahar. Want to make the,Luremaster in Lonelywood. Is there a trick to go back there? iPad iOS.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,510
    if you are lucky you have a previous save somewhere? i dont know if you can enable the cheat console or not

  • RaoulRaoul Member Posts: 18
    Got a save before the endfight with the dragon, yes. Could use it, make the luremaster and try to win it again. Tough. But I don‘t know if there are tricks possible on the IOS iPad version...
    But when there‘s no other possibility, I‘ll do it that way.

    Any idea?

    Everything better than the final fight with that poquelin or whatever namend guy at the end of IWD first part. Will ignore that thing forever. Truly embarrassing. Really bad idea and so much frustrating. No fun.

  • RaoulRaoul Member Posts: 18
    Okay. Can‘t go back off Sea of moving ice. That might be way too much back. So i‘m throught with it.
    Played on Hard. But the missed out final fight of the first part and the difficulties with the luremaster made it a medium entertaining run in the end.

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