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Is there a way to speed up the game clock (not fps) ?


Anyone knows if there is a way to speed up the in-game time?

I am playing a no reload LoB, there are 2 dwarves with con 20 that often need to regenerate after the healer runs out of spells and sleeping or travelling between maps can be hazardous.
Thus I wonder if there is a way to speed up the game clock so that regeneration is faster w/o having to literally stand there for a very long time ...


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 5,321
    If you've got the console enabled then just use ctrl-T to make an hour of in-game time pass.

  • BubblesBubbles Member Posts: 589
    I have problems enabling the console, and is currently using the GUI version to perform some task byt ctrl don't work with that.

  • SandkatzeSandkatze Member Posts: 34
    in BG vanilla you've got under the configure tab a pitch for AI nodes ranged from 1 to 60, where 30 is normal and 60 is doubling or tripling the speed, not affecting your FPS but speeding up pretty much everything.

    don't know if it's taken over for the rest of the games though.

  • BubblesBubbles Member Posts: 589
    Configure Tab as in? Options? The is nothing under options for that.

  • SandkatzeSandkatze Member Posts: 34
    i'm talking about this

    i just don't know if these options where taken over to other BG titles as well.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,563
    edited August 18
    the above screenshot is actually increasing the FPS, despite it says "AI Updates/Second" it is actually FPS
    and also, that is for the vanilla BG, not for the EE, for the EE if you want to increase your FPS you will have to go into the LUA file and increase framerate from 30 to 60

    cranking your fps from 30 to 60 will only double the game speed, so instead of gaining one HP every 60 seconds, you will get 1 HP every 30 seconds, im pretty sure this is going to be the only way of making it so you have to "wait less" for HP to recover

    you could try using the cheat console to advance times, but if you are going to use cheats anyway, is it truly a fair run? because basically the only cheat the is going to work is the "crtl + *forget which key it is* that automatically heals the selected character, i dont think any of the advance time cheats will actually make your HP go up any faster, i'm pretty sure the regen is based off of real time

    part of the challenge of no reload LoB runs is to be difficult, if it were easy then there would be no challenge to it, so the only way to get big HP back from time being spent is by resting or travelling, and as you said it can be risky, but that is part of the challenge ( plus if you sleep in Inns you cannot be waken up by enemies )

    also invisibility is your friend of LoB mode with a 12 hour duration, you can go invisible before you rest or before you travel and just walk on by the enemies, especially if you get lucky and find a scroll of invisibility 10' radius, keep that puppy memorized at all times because that spell can be a life saver ( only problem though in the unmodded game the only way to get it is from a lucky roll from a random treasure 5, so fight lots and lots of ogre mages and greater/dopplegangers and hopefully one will drop one )

    *also just to add, since there is SO much money in BG, buy all the potions of healing from all the temples that you find, infact, you can even spend money at temples to heal as well

    i would do this when i had runs where i had 6 swashbucklers or 6 fighters in one group, and it worked out swell

  • SandkatzeSandkatze Member Posts: 34
    so it wasn't adopted to other titles and it increases FPS.
    in that case, i dind't say anything :*

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