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Copy companions selection vioces

kicker044kicker044 Member Posts: 7

Does anybody know a way to copy the vioces of the companions from BG2EE to BG1EE?
I mean the short sentences when selecting or moving them.

Is that possible? It would be much more stringent.

Thank you in advance! :)


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,562
    like say give the BG 1 minsc his lines from BG 2 instead?

    very doable, although a bit arduous to do it

    for me, if i wanted to do that i would do it this way;

    first use Near Infinity to find Minsc's sound files

    export them all to BG 1 ( the override folder should do )

    then you have to go into Minsc's creature file and replace all of the BG 1 banters with the BG 2 banters ( using Near Infinity again )

    although if you do this, it will not replace the subtitles and still use the BG 1 subtitles

    so if you are really hardcore you will have to go into the dialogue.tlk file and rewrite all the banter lines to fit the BG 2 lines ( which can be done also using Near Infinity, just make sure to make a back up of your dialogue.tlk file first incase you corrupt it )

    after doing all that, then yes, you will indeed have BG 2 banters and sounds in BG 1

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