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Werewolf island - using clua console to delay timer before turning into werewolves?

I made a real noobie mistake this time around when playing werewolf island on LoB difficulty. Just before defeating Kashias and jumping on the boat I was ambushed by a bunch of werewolf as I rested. I saw this as a neat little extra XP-opportunity and killed them off. But as everyone know who played on LoB, those things are damn hard to kill. I used the warrens to sneak down and rest and lure them in one by one. I did not think one moment of the time limit to kill Mendas before we all die. And voilà: upon clicking the boat to return to the mainland we explode and die instantly. I have no save that I can use without having to redo the entire island again...

Please tell me I can use the console in some meaningful way to fix this? Delaying the timer comes to mind as a suitable option...


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