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Auto-save function?

Hi there in the community!

Does someone know if there is some kind of auo-save feature? I mean like having an auto-save every I don't know 3 minutes or something? Maybe via mod? Would be quite useful.

Thank you for help! :)


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,460
    The game will autosave whenever you leave a major map, or start a new chapter. No time based auto save though. You can hit "q" to quicksave and the game will keep four rotating quicksave backups. Saving often is your friend. Beamdog has some amazing things with the Inifinity Engine, buts a couple decades old at this point and prone to bugs because of its structure.

  • kicker044kicker044 Member Posts: 7
    Thanks, ThacoBell! Sure quicksave is quite useful but a time based automatic save would really come in handy. Leaving map is not often enough for me.
    That's a pity...

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