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[MOD] Siege of Dragonspear 2 Baldur's Gate2:EE Item Upgrade

Daeros_TrollkillerDaeros_Trollkiller Member Posts: 62
edited August 29 in BGII:EE Mods
For the past couple of months, I have been working on a new "item upgrade" style mod for BG2:EE. I did'nt want to post anything about it until I was reasonably sure I could actually get it to work the way I wanted. A big thanks to Jastey and everyone else who have been patient with me and helping me learn WeiDu.

8/28/19 update: V.0.1.0 of the mod is completed!

My goals with this mod:

1. Import more items from SoD and place them in logical locations around Shadows of Amn.

2. Provide an upgrade path for these items, along with items from SoD that are already imported normally via Cromwell and Cespenar.

3. The upgrade paths for these items will in many cases, require components that are used to upgrade existing items in the game, allowing for "either/or" decisions to keep things interesting.

4. The new items have been created with an eye towards balance with existing items.

I have completed my first version of this mod and I am pleased to release it. You may download the mod here:

I appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions for my mod. This is my first major WeiDu-based mod. I have been playing these games since Baldur's Gate was first released back in 1998, and I am happy to be able to give back to the mod community that has added to my enjoyment of these games for the past twenty years (holy crap am I getting old!)

I am not going to list locations or recipes for the upgrades at this time because , to me at least, half the fun of something new like this is discovering it for yourself! That being said, the list of newly imported items, and the list of items that can be upgraded is below:

Items newly imported from SoD

Tongue of Acid +3
Soft Feet
Crown of Lies
Star-Strewn Boots
"Green" Dragonscale Armor (I used the version of this armor from my Dragon Armors Remastered mod)
Stalker's Gauntlets
Sundermaul +3

These items have been placed in logical (at least to me) locations around Shadows of Amn.

SoD items that can be upgraded via Cromwell and Cespenar:

Tongue of Acid +3 (can be upgraded twice)
Soft Feet
Crown of Lies
Star-Strewn Boots
"Green" Dragonscale armor (can be upgraded twice with branching paths)
Stalker's Gauntlets
Sundermaul +3
Archer's Eyes
Bard Hat
Belt of the Skillful Blade
Biter +2
Helm of Dumathoin
Buckler of the Fist +2
Robe of Red Flames

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