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NWN:EE Android: Please remove quickbar gaps

SydranSydran Member Posts: 1
Thank you for an fantastic android port and all the continued development!

TL;DR: please remove the tiny gaps between the bottom of the quickbar and the bottom edge of the screen, and the top of the quickbar and the bottom of the menubar. These thin slivers frequently cause mis-taps that result in movement commands to the edge of the screen. Personal preference: assign the removed pixels to extra height on the quickbar.

More words:
I am playing the game on an android phone, 5.8'' screen, and the UI scale at the 2.6x max. The quickbar buttons are still a little smaller than I would like, but I understand the need to keep screen space reasonable.

My only source of UI misery are the tiny borders of non-UI between the bottom edge of the screen and the bottom of the quickbar, and between the top of the quickbar and the menu bar. The world is visible through these gaps, and it is quite easy to mis-tap into these areas while trying to hit a quickbar button about 3mm in height. This translates into movement commands to the edge of the screen.

Playing a very buffy cleric means that after every other rest-rebuff cycle I end up cancelling the entire spell queue at least once and wander into the nearest wall. Combat situations are obviously even more frustrating.

Thanks again for a remarkable app adaptation!

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