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Can't get stale mary to show me the portal even with 16+ charisma and without being released

That's pretty much it, the dialog choice isn't even there for her to show me the portal to the silent king, though I'm playing the dvd version, with a few mods. I'm kind of looking to see if there is another forum somewhere that deals with other versions (if anyone still plays them) Necroing an old thread on one would be useful for people with the same problems I'm having.


  • PSTer770PSTer770 Member Posts: 12
    I found out something important that I couldn't find anywhere else. Not only do you need a 16+ charisma, you must ask (before being released) Hargrimm why you are a prisoner, could the silent king be persuaded to let you go and ask if you may speak to him. Added it to the wiki, though not sure how different versions vary.

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