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Reset final battle with Bodhi


Is there any way to resummon Bodhi when you entering Graveyard during "The final battle with Bodhi" quest?
I came there before I finished my romance with Viconia so I never saw this whole lover-kidnapping quest, and I really wanna see how it plays out.


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,728
    yes, power of reload... :)
    reload a previous save, do the romance and then go to meet bodhi.

    to summon bodhi again is not so easy as she is a key character for the main plot, to do it without consequences you probably have to change a lot of game variables to fool the game and let you fight the dungeon again
    your lover is kidnapped even before you enter her dungeon as you reach the graveyard area
    i am not even sure that it can be done with EEkeeper only.

    my suggestions are
    1. play your romance and end your adventure
    2. do an other play trough and that time be sure to don't delay so much your romance so the lover-kidnapping thing happens, the quest is the same whathever romance is active.
    3. after that do at least 10-20 playtroughts with different class charnames and combinations of NPCs, experiencing also small parties, for me 3 people is the right spot, solo runs, no reload or minimal reload ones.

    at that point you will be ready to introduce mods, quest ones and NPC ones for more content and mods that ramp up the challenge like SCS or tactics mod.
    this game is so complex that in a single run you can barely have an idea of its potential, if some of us begun to play it almost 20 years ago and are still playing today probably there is a reason... :wink:

    welcome to the forums!

  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 723

    I’ve done something like 4 playthroughs...

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,728
    DavidW wrote: »

    I’ve done something like 4 playthroughs...

    only because you use a lot of minions to play for you, at the custom rules you have set...
    if we count also their playtroughs probably you are the gamer that has the most runs in all the BG history :D

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