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Enhanced Edition Trilogy: With Mods (SCS, Ascension) without mages in the party (Spoilers)

DracoqwertyDracoqwerty Member Posts: 9
I have previously beat the Enhanced Edition Trilogy with these mods (Weidu logs in attachments) with a party including 3 arcane casters.
I am now attempting to do so without any mages or an Inquisitor.
The only other modifications that I have made are making the Amulet of Power usable by monks, improving the Cloak of Non-Detection, and making Ir'revrykal usable by evil fighters. The difficulty is Tactical, with maximum HP/level
The party:
Valkorion, the main Character (Monk with Monk Overhaul)
Katauri, Rebalanced Wizard Slayer
Vanator, Rebalanced Shapeshifter
Khasishi Twice-turn, Bounty Hunter


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  • DracoqwertyDracoqwerty Member Posts: 9
    Shank died to an arrow to the chest
    Carbos died to a werewolf because I remembered that he gets poisoned weapon from SCS
    The party found an evil magic artifact and turned it into Thalantyr, the only reputable mage that they knew of for a substantial payout
    Heading to the inn after looting gorion and his killers, Khasishi saw a mage wearing black robes ahead and tried to set some traps, but learned that until she is level 6, she can't set any snares (an EET bug maybe?)
    Katauri shattered Tarnesh's magic and then slew him with arrows
    The party accepted the mission from Landrin, and headed to Beregost where after some questioning of the townspeople found out that someone named Purdue whose sword they had found was often found in the Red Sheaf inn. On entering the inn, they were accosted by an angry dwarf who proclaimed that he would be killing Valkorion. Vanator blinded him with Sunscorch and then the rest of the party pelted him with ranged weapons.
    The party killed Landrin's spiders and reported back to her for their first level-up, after dealing with Marl and killing the suspicious mage known as Silke as well as the evil necromancer Bassilus, who died to two-handed sword poisoning combined with a hot dose of Sunscorch.

    This is very enjoyable, to be forced to utilize spells and tactics that arcane spells make irrelevant.


  • DracoqwertyDracoqwerty Member Posts: 9
    BG1 is done. Sarevok fell to fire elementals and acid arrows, while his allies fell to the party. Katauri was instrumental in killing Semaj and Angelo because with her nonmagic sword and shatter magic their PfMW and Stoneskins were quickly removed.

  • DracoqwertyDracoqwerty Member Posts: 9
    The no-mages have finished SOD, killing Belhifet with void-tipped arrows and bolts +3. They have killed the twisted rune right out of Irenicus's dungeon, as well as the elemental lich.


  • DracoqwertyDracoqwerty Member Posts: 9
    Kangaxx and his guardians are all dead! Katauri killed the dude herself with a hit from the Mace of Disruption! The shade lich is very scary though, his summoning of a dark planetar scared the heck out of me and nearly led to the death of Kasishi and Valkorion.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,198
    Insane progress! Is this a speed run? Do you sleep? :wink:
    Would love you to be more extensive in your write-ups, like in the second post, so people can read about your tactics in complex battles. Anyway enjoy the remainder of your run!

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 263
    Yeah, these sorts of things are a lot more engaging with more detail.

    Also, they belong in the subforum devoted to them: Challenges and Playthroughs

  • DracoqwertyDracoqwerty Member Posts: 9
    Blackraven wrote: »
    Insane progress! Is this a speed run? Do you sleep? :wink:
    Would love you to be more extensive in your write-ups, like in the second post, so people can read about your tactics in complex battles. Anyway enjoy the remainder of your run!
    I do sleep, just not a ton(that's part of why I had to stop writing so much last update.)
    New Update!
    The planar prison was rather easy thanks to detect illusion and using the Master of Thralls' own staff of air against his elementals. The Unseeing Eye died from a combo of the Rift Device and Insect Plague, with Katauri applying Shatter Magic through a nonmagic two-hander to get rid of its PfMW.
    The No-Mages killed the first level of Watcher's Keep (after buying Firetooth and the Short Sword of Mask) at around level 12, the most challenging opponent was the dang gnoll statue because he seemed to be immune to traps. Khasishi's traps weakened the statues, and down they went. (Fire elementals are very fun with aTweaks PnP Elementals)
    I then decided, okay, I have a party around level 13, how far can I get into the keep, and went on the the next level.
    The level 5 druid spell Protection from Lightning was essential in clearing the air lab, otherwise I would have been shredded by a combination of the chain lightning active effect and the air elementals, who turn invisible and can't necessarily be detected by Detect Illusion. Some advice: Anyone who has <100 hp should stay out of the Air Lab because the Guardian of Air and his Greater Air Elementals (and the Aerial servants- kill those first always if they are in a group; they are more dangerous than mages because three-fourths of my team cannot protect themselves from physical attacks)hit for around 40 dmg/hit, and that really wears down hit points fast. Slime library was really easy thanks to Valkorion being immune to poison, a high level druid also works well, but unfortunately Vanator is stuck at level 14 for a while. Ice lab died to Vanator's one level 7 spell slot being Fire Storm - it bypasses MR and against any mage that doesn't cast Protection from Energy, it is really lethal). Fire Lab was as tedious as it usually is, and then there was the Chromatic Demon, who died to Valkorion aided by acid arrows from Katauri and Khasishi while it was in its air form. Those arrows are way better than fire arrows because they have no save to the damage.
    Next Level: Maze.
    I EEkeepered Valkorion's alignment to Chaotic Evil for this level so that I could get the Thieve's hood, I find that it is a rather stupid restriction because you can have other characters leading the party and I wanted to see that dialogue and I had the helm of opposite alignment anyways. (in my opinion, monks should be able to wear helms, just not have any of their abilities if they have one equipped).
    Aesgareth. Heh. This was a tough fight, lots of potions used, but I learned something AMAZING. Fire seeds combined with Shatter Magic from the Rebalanced Wizard Slayer apply their protection-dispellling THROUGH SPLASH DAMAGE! My strategy for Aesgareth was thus kill his mage via a backstab combined with a trap, and then apply the fire seeds to a summoned fire elemental, who resists the damage but serves as an AoE dispeller while the ability lasts. This removed his PfMW, which was good because from testing he is immune to Normal weapons
    Next level: Lum
    Mind flayer enclave was easy with Valkorion Chaotic Commanded, Barkskinned, and Divine Might (he was doing around 27 damage per hit).
    Githyanki Enclave. If you don't have chaotic commands and/or invisibility on your characters, they will get ballistic attacked (SCS Improved Gith) and psionic mazed, as well as dispelled by the Anti-Paladins. We acquired Ir'Revrykal for Katauri
    Rock and Garock died to a Nature's Beauty blind from Vanator followed by missile attacks, they don't have too much MR, and you can easily hit them with one while invisible, otherwise keep your squishier characters away from Rock and Garock because they have HLAs with SCS. They are immune to backstabs, so don't try that :smiley:.
    Saladrex died to some traps as well as arrows of Acid coupled with dispelling from Katauri through Ir'Revrykal and fire seeds. Fire resistance is of paramount importance, a failed save on Katauri nearly led to her chunking because the breath weapon dealt 124 damage. For this fight, it is really important to have boots of speed or an oil of speed on everyone (preferably both) so you can retreat fast and heal. Vanator got the kill.
    Final Seal Level:
    Valkorion killed the dragon with a quivering palm after a Magic Resistance and a Doom from Vanator to lower the dragon's saves - his immunity to poison meant that the dragon was helpless against him. Weapon setup was Scarlet Ninjato in off-hand to give another APR with fists (he was level 19).
    The horde test was more dangerous than the dragon because SCS gives the Orc Mages PfMW, Stoneskin, and either SI: Abj or spell deflection - insect plague was vital here.
    The 2 liches of the pillar test:
    One spawns in around 5 rounds after the other, the first one is an Elemental lich. Fire Elementals delivering Fire Seeds infused with Shatter Magic meant that it died really fast, the second lich scared the crap out of me by bring Khasishi down to 20 HP with a Horrid Wilting Contingency and then its magical sword killed her, but after a rod of resurrection everything was fine. I had prepped with death ward and Entropy shield (which protects Vanator from Remove Magic) in case any of the liches summoned a dark planetar (their vorpal blades with PnP celestials really stink to be on the recieving end of ) Valkorion killed the 2nd lich with a quivering palm.
    Round one of the Guardians of the Final Seal died to a combination of traps (5) to kill the Aurumach and then an invisible Khasishi detecting illusions to remove the Ferrumachs' blur spells. Be warned, the Ferrumachs are immune to backstabs, as many things in Watcher's Keep seem to be.
    Rilmani Prep:
    Everyone is still not epic level - levels at this point are Valkorion Level 20, Vanator Level 14, Katauri Level 18, Khasishi Level 21.
    Rilmani down:
    Azzy and his flaming skulls were weakened by traps and then killed. Thanks to Katauri applying the miscast magic effect that wizard slayers have through fire seeds to Azzy, he wasted his Time Stop :lol:
    He was then killed by Ir'Revrykal
    His flaming skulls lasted longer than him, and actually managed to kill his Magical Swords through their explosion WOOHOO! The magic swords are a massive pain to kill when you don't have Death Spell or Abi Dalzims, so I had to kill the others summoned by the mages from the blue button with WANDS OF MAGIC MISSILE! Ugh.
    So many traps were set for Nalmissra's band, but around 2/3 of them didn't land but the maze traps set up a quick death for them because they have different intelligence scores. Divide and Conquer is so effective.
    Xei died last after nearly killing Katauri, Nature's Beauty failed.
    I will save Demogorgon for when I have epic abilities :tongue:

  • DracoqwertyDracoqwerty Member Posts: 9
    edited September 16
    Oh, and firkraag also died to Acid Arrows pre-Watcher's Keep thank to Heartseeker on Katauri
    Prep was mainly just summoning and drinking fire resistance potions
    Everyone is level 21/14/19/23 now.
    How do I move this thread to a different forum subtopic? Can I?

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