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[MOD] Less Annoying Wild Surge Table

daemonjaxdaemonjax Member Posts: 2
So, I made this for myself and I figured I'd share. I wish I could get more creative, but I didn't want to go too far for fear of breaking something (it would be very hard to test these for bugs if I thought I might have introduced any). So, this should be bug free, because I kept it simple. If I had my way, I'd change 51 out of the 100 available in some form.

I made this for myself because, I find that when I get the rolls listed below, I usually just reload because it's always annoying and never results in interesting gameplay. Some other things I would change are hardcoded. Oh well. The thing is, in a p&p game, the DM would be the deciding factor in the result of a wild surge and since I'm the DM of my own personal game, I think the following is balanced for me and my playstyle to make taking Neera along a lot more fun.

I personally don't find the gender changes to be that annoying, but I could see how someone else could since it's not really well supported by the game. It's easy enough to modify the 2da file to remove those if you want.

In this mod, the following rolled results are replaced with the result from a different roll (in parenthesis at the end):
* 16 Polymorphed Caster polymorphed into a squirrel permanently until affected by Dispel Magic (34)
* 17 Gold Destroyed! 80% of party gold is destroyed (59)
* 19 Burst Sunfire spell centered on caster, cast at their level (59)
* 22 Held Caster affected by Hold Person for 1 turn, save vs. spell negates (3)
* 27 Silence Silence, 15' Radius spell centered on caster, cast at their level (save vs. spells at -5 or be Silenced for 2 rounds/level) (34)
* 28 Dizzy Caster is dizzy (+4 THAC0 penalty and 100% spellcasting failure for 1 turn) (3)
* 40 What's this in my pocket? Items in a Fireball-sized area of effect have their charges drained, including weapons (34)
* 47 Polymorphed Caster polymorphed into Spirit Wolf for 70 seconds (attacks count as +1 weapons, Hasted, 4 attacks per round counting the Haste effect) (3)
* 67 Strengthened Target strengthened for 70 seconds (+6 Strength) (59)
* 70 Weakened Caster weakened for 1 turn (-6 Strength) (3)
* 76 Burst Sunfire spell centered on target, caster is unaffected (34)
* 94 Hastened Target Hasted for 1 turn (3)
* 95 My gold! 80% of gold on the target is destroyed (34)

34 = I've always said that bird magic is the most difficult. Some non-selectable birds are summoned which fly away from the caster
59 = Weapons glow All weapons in the area glow
3 = Squirrels... Everywhere squirrels! 8 Squirrels summoned around the caster for 2 turns

Download link (extract the single 2da file to the override folder): annoying wild surge table-1a.7z?dl=0

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