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aTweaks PnP fiends problems

(I apologize for posting this on these forums instead of SHS or mailing it to the authors - I wasnt able to access SHS and didnt find any contact informations for aTweaks so I thought its best to try my luck on this forum.)

I am not sure why but the Pit Fiend from this mod cant fear (w. Aura of Fear) some monsters (like dragons), while its counterpart, the Balor can do so with its Symbol: Fear spell. To me this doesnt make sense as both spells should be about equal in terms of success rate (-3 vs Wand / -4 vs Spell), however Aura of Fear never works on some monsters. The readme of the mod doesnt state that dragons cannot be feared by this spell either. Can someone who has used this mod clarify this ? Thanks !

Also I did notice that summons from this mod do behave weird when faced with a lich; they simply wander around, refusing to attack the hostile enemy. Is this supposed to be a (lore) feature or a bug ?

Finally, are the Yugoloth summons supposed to look like human wizards ?

Thanks for your help !

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