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Can you change companions affinity?

So they wouldnt leave, like you better, mess with romance flags?

I always go looking for the Dragon Age: Origins reputation bar but its not there :D Is there any way to check and mess with the numbers for companion reputation?

Also, does anyone know if the npc's from the npc mod count as romance flag with everyone? I truly dont know how they are implemented, I was nice to a character and suddenly we are in love I guess, but I want to romance Neera so that I may continue it in SOD and BG2.

Thanks bunches.


  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 246
    edited September 7
    Companions will stay with you unless your reputation (the 1 - 20 scale) becomes out of line with their alignment (eg if they are evil and you become very popular or they are good or neutral and you become very unpopular), you fail to complete their personal quest in time (not all companions have a personal quest, some need you to get to Nashkel within a time limit for example, others may require you to obtain treasure or a bounty before too many days pass) or you kick a companion that they are linked with (ie Jaheira and Khalid).

    Without mods, romances are more a Siege of Dragonspear and BG2 thing. When romances are a thing, the issues are 1) are you of the race and gender to make romance possible and 2) is the romance active? If you qualify for the romance and it is active, it will keep moving until it is complete or you mess it up. Messing it up / ending a romance option is usually the result of booting the companion, saying the wrong dialogue choice or picking one romantic partner over another. Some romances are harder than others and it is often not obvious that you have “blown it”, checking in game variable with the console or using EEKeeper can tell you if a romance is still active.

    Loyalty also isn’t relevant as all NPCs will stay equally loyal to you as long as you don’t do something that forces them to outright quit the party (there is an instance in the series where Jaheira will leave if you kill innocents, for example), apart from one notable exception in the series who will leave the party regardless of what you do.

    In BG1 no one will leave you unless you choose to boot them or you do one of the things mentioned earlier. It is from a pre Mass Effect era for the better or worse (I would say for the better).

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