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Splint mail vs Chain mail +1

Why is the Chain mail +1 worth so much more than the Splint mail, while they have similar specs and the same class restrictions? Am I missing something?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 263
    Enchanted items pretty much always sell for more than non-enchanted items, regardless of whether they're any good. Also, those two don't quite have the same class restrictions; bards can wear chain but not splint. It's unwise in most cases (losing access to spells), but it's there.

    And, in game, I'd choose non-enchanted splint mail over even chain mail +2. The AC there is basically the same (different summary numbers, but they're about even if you average over damage types), and the splint mail allows you to wear a protection item with it.

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 246
    Magic items are always worth much more than mundane ones.

    Sometimes it makes sense - I think chain mail is the best armour a bard can wear and so is valuable to them. Also being lighter can be a big deal, I remember Mail of the Dead, an item I would normally sell, was game changing for my low strength cleric/mage on a recent play through as it was so light and wearable as a result.

    Other than this I think normal splint mail would be better than chain mail +1 as you can only wear the former with protection items so using the splint mail actually means better ac and saving throws from the protection item.

  • RepelstaleRepelstale Member Posts: 27
    Thank you all for replying. It seems I missed the fact that bards are unable to wear splint mail.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 476
    One factor which should be considered too; magical armor is always lighter in weight than their non-magical equivalent. This can be very useful (sometimes indispensible) on low-Strength characters.

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