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[Request] have more things be forged with dragon scales

_Connacht__Connacht_ Member Posts: 144
edited September 2019 in BGII:EE Mods
I prefer increased difficulty with dragons, since I find most of the fights with them too easy for creature of such size and arcane powers (the Ascension mod does a good job in improving Draconis and Abazigal compared to vanilla, for example). Obviously, if the dragons become harder to defeat, more XPs should be awarded.
But moreover, I'd like to get more scales when they die, since they are huge and a single carcass could theorically supply a platoon. Maybe 2 sets of scales instead of 1, if not more (price at Cromwell's could be increased too for balancing).
This leads to the main request. I don't know why different dragon scales can only be manufactured into different types of armor, i.e. black dragon scales are manufactured into a studded leather-like class armor and red dragon scales into a full plate armor.
I'd like a mod that introduces different types of armor for each dragon scale and allows the player to choose into which type of armor they should be forged by Cromwell (i.e. I want an equivalent to a studded leather armor made with Firkraag's scales because Charname delivered the final blow and I want him to display it like a trophy, but he's a barbarian and can't wear full plate armor). Best would be being able to manufacture helmets, bracers and other items, a pendant with a fragment of a dragon tooth just like some people wear shark teeth, a claw made into a weapon. Why waste all that poor animal? Nothing is thrown away from the pig and neither from dragons.

Do you think this is feasible?

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