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The project I have been working for last few months got finally to the stage where I can at least present it.

Cross-platform program for editing NWN-EE files outside of toolset. NWN-Helper is meant to make WB's life much easier by doing all the little details for them. So far It's mostly work in progress.

Ever wanted added/modify spells/feats/skills and got discouraged by the amount of details you need to go through to do it? Then NWN-Helper is meant for you. The goal is to make the process as easy as possible. So far it should work with NWN 1.69, but I will be following NWN-EE updates as they come out.

This is pretty much WIP. Many functions are not yet implemented.


You can find screens on NWNVault. (didn't want to reupload them)
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