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One Infinite spell

RazielLewachRazielLewach Member Posts: 20
Hi! I want a character to have ONE spell that is infinite. For example, my Cleric spends 1 memorized slot with Detect evil, and she can use Detect evil infinite times without spending it. Anyone knows what to put into EE Keeper o Near Infinity to achieve that?


  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 1,018
    This is theoretically possible by adding a Wondrous Recall effect equal to each spell's level to that spell. Unfortunately, there is a bug regarding the interaction of the Wondrous Recall effect and Priest spells (bizarrely enough; it works perfectly for Mage spells), such that this wouldn't always work as intended in game.

    I am unsure if this bug was ever resolved.

  • RazielLewachRazielLewach Member Posts: 20
    edited September 2019
    WOW. I made it work... I tried editing the spell (Detect evil), at the melee effect, where it says "cast spell" that does the spell, i added another effect. Restore lost spells, lvl1. Incredibly, everytime I use the spell, it restores itself but does not restore all the others used lvl1 spells. PERFECT. I don't know why it works this wat but I like it!! I'll keep it open, maybe it bugs in the future xD

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