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Hello! <3

My name's Ashley! I've been playing RPGs my whole life, the first one I remember being Fallout 2 when I was wayyyy too young to be playing it X3 I've played many others over the years, some old like Planescape: Torment, the original Fallout and some newer like Pillars of Eternity 1 and 2 and Tyranny from Obsidian. And because of that I'm kind of ashamed to say that I haven't played any of the games in the Baldurs Gate series until very recently! I've been sitting on Baldurs Gate: EE 1 and 2 in my GOG library for too long, so a couple weeks ago I figured I'd boot up the first, and did I ever enjoy my time with it! I played through from start to finish within a week, and I tried my best to find and do everything! I even made it through Durlag's Tower only having to look at a guide once X3
I haven't had such fun with a game in forever, and I figured it might brighten some of your guy's days to hear that!

I went on the the second (wanted to get SoD, but money is unfortunately tight at the moment) And I'm enjoying myself even more, even if the opening was a little abrupt without anything to bridge the two, but almost every aspect of the game I find even more enjoyable than the last. The companions have so much more life breathed into them, after the prologue you get to actually see and interact with the city environments so much more in Athkatla than the one act of Baldur's Gate 1 where you're actually able to go to the city it's named after X3
And the dungeons and monsters are so much cooler and more challenging because you get to play at a higher character level. Not to mention having a good enough THAC0 to actually hit things XD So far, I love it :smile: I am having a major problem that has prevented me from continuing my game, namely that my game crashes whenever I open the load screen, so I can't actually load my game, but I figure I should ask in the proper category to figure that stuff out. Just wanted to say hii in case I stick around for a bit! <3



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