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Mods installing but not working in game (every mod)

PblackPblack Member Posts: 37
So. I am back to BGII:EE and I have the steam version on linux, I have the set up with CIOPFS to ignore upper-case and enable me to install weidu mods as I have done in the past. The base game works fine and I can get through the installation of my mods. In the end I have my override folder filled with all sorts of files I would expect after installing a bunch of mods.

But when I start the game all I get is the base game. No kits are available, no skipping of chateau irenicus... nothing I have installed is actually in the game. It is as if the game I modded was on a different folder (and it is not, I have checked with the steam properties).

I have no clue what is going on. except that it might have something to do with steam as the default path for games has changed from .local/share/steam/steamapps/common to .steam/share/debian-installation/steamapps/common. There is also a folder .steam/share/steam/steamapps/common and that is the one I use to do the modding as it seems to be linked with the debian-installation one and every change I make on it appears on the debian-instalaltion folder as well.

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