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Pirates of the Sword Coast - Missing end movie?

I finished Pirates of the Sword Coast today (really fun module, I must say! I put it off for a loooong time because I'm not a fan of pirates. :P), and after beating the final boss, the credits rolled and I got an error saying that the PotSC end movie could not be found or was not in a wbm format. I did some searching and found the directory where the other premium module movies are stored, but strangely the PotSC one isn't there. (KM, WW, SG, Daggerford etc. are all present.)

So my question is, is it just me? Have other people also had the PotSC movie missing in their EE installation, or did mine just... vanish into the ether somewhere? If it's just my machine, is there anyone who could upload the missing movie file so I can stick it in my movies folder?


  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 78
    @Zaxares I have asked around, and, looked in 1.69, and it doesn't seem that there was ever a credits movie for Pirates of the Sword Coast. This might be a situation where the missing movie was never noticed if only EE has a "Missing movie" error message.

    Sorry for the disappointing news, and, if anyone else reads this knows better, please let us know if there used to be a movie for Pirates of the Sword Coast.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 765
    Thanks for the reply! I didn't get around to playing it back during the Bioware days (because, as I said, I wasn't a fan of pirates XD), so I have no idea if there used to be an end credits movie or not. There seem to be end credit movies for all of the other premium modules, so it does seem odd that PotSC wouldn't have gotten one. (Especially since the module seems to call one at the end?)

    Either way, it's no big deal to me as the module itself worked fine, but if anybody does happen to know if a PotSC end credits movie existed, let us know!

  • CalgacusCalgacus Member Posts: 224
    @Zaxares Were you playing with the dev build or the retail? At the beginning of PotSC the cut scenes play a little differently between the two versions.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 765
    Um, whichever version GoG was selling? I just checked the version on Galaxy and it's 78.8186.1. The cutscenes throughout the game work fine; it's just that when the module ends and it tries to play the end credits movie, it can't find one. I just thought it odd considering every single other premium module appears to have an end credits movie, and if PotSC had shipped without one, why does the module look for one?

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