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Multiple romances (slighty spoilerish)

Hey everybody

I do not know if this is already common knowlegde, but I may have found a way without mods to get two romances going without problems.

In my current playthrough, I have both Jaheira and Viconia in my team. All is going well, but knowing how the game works and how multiple romances will clash at some point after certain conditions are met, I made some testing because I was curious if this could be circumvented without cheating - and because it would be nice both to have a sensual drow mistress and a fiery druid, which strokes Charnames Oedidus complex, as lovers at the same time. Hey don't judge me. We all have thought the same :-)

How to circumvent the second "choose me or her discussion trigger"
Because Viconia and Jaheira second "choose me or her discussion" is so late in Viconias romance, it is often possible to circumvent this trigger, when Jaheira leaves for the harper hold, after Dermin has forced her to attend it. Jaheira will not return to the team without you picking her up.

If Jaheira is not in the team when Viconias second "chose me or her discussion" is brought up, both romances will continue as normal, as the second "choose me or her discussion" love talk does not trigger. The game will not terminate the other romance.

The only prerequisite/condition is that you pick Virconia up a bit later, so the Jaheira romance can be well underway (i picked her up when I hit "summoned by Galverey quest"), This way you will very likely hit Jaheria's "is summoned to the Harper hold quest by Dermin" a long time before you hit Viconias second "chose me or her discussion".

When Jaheira leaves for the Harper hold, you can catch up on Viconias romance. After you have triggered Viconias lovetalk variable that normally would trigger the second "choose me or her discussion trigger" if Jaheria was there, pick Jaheira up at the Harper hold and continue playing.

Voila, you now have two romances going at the same time. I do not know how this will play out in Throne of Bhaal at the temple of Mir confrontation. Maybe the master shade will get a case of immediate split personality disorder. Oh well.



  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,644
    Is also interesting to see which one
    will be taken by bodhi
    or if it happens to both.
    Tell us about it when you will be there.
    Anyway your experiment is really interesting.
    Have fun (with your elve lovers) :)

  • TheMadVikingTheMadViking Member Posts: 35
    Ahh, i forgot about that one. I can see a possible conflict right there, if Bodhi only drops one item of the certain kind. What a dilemma I will be in :neutral: . i will return when I get to that stage of the game.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,109
    I had a two-romance run (Aerie and Anomen, because that character swapped sexes in the starting dungeon and somehow became eligible for both). Incidentally, that pair doesn't have any problems with "choose one" dialogues.
    If you have two active romances, Bodhi only takes one of your partners. The ToB portion also focused almost entirely on one; that (male) character ended up with Anomen's ring, but not Aerie's baby.

  • TheMadVikingTheMadViking Member Posts: 35
    Interesting about the sexchange that made Anomen edible for male Chars to romance. Kind of crazy what the game allows you to do, intended or not.

    I kind of had the same idea that the game only will let Bodhi take one person. Do you know if this is randomly picked or the first romance you entered into?

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,109
    No idea how it's decided, sorry. I'm pretty sure the game doesn't keep track of "first" or anything. I also don't remember which partner got taken in that run.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,339
    im pretty sure what happens with romances even if you are able to have "two at once" ( back in the vanilla days your characters had to be somewhat close together to fire off the romance, and one time i had viconia and jaheira in the same team, but viconia was luckily in tim-buck-two when the "choose one of us option" came up, but since she wasn't in proximity, i was able to keep going with both, but now this has been fixed so no matter where they are relative to you it the romance will still go off )

    but anyhow, i think what happens, the game will eventually set a global for one romance and turn the rest of them off, it could be very possible that the bodhi encounter is the ironic "final nail in the coffin" for a dual romance

    i even remember trying to mess with globals to have multiple romances for the tree of life, but the game will automatically choose 1, and that WILL be the one

    so if you can get pass that, i would be very interested

  • TheMadVikingTheMadViking Member Posts: 35
    As of yesterday, I have still not experienced any problems.

    Both Jaheiras and Viconias romances are still active. Although Viconia has been awfully silent since lovetalk 47, which is long past the "second choose me or her situation". I know that in the old days, Viconias romance incorporated a bug, where if you choose the second option at lovetalk 47 it would stall even if you didn't screw the romance. I do not know if this has been fixed in the EE version. The global variables are still good, so hopefully it will roll along just fine.

    Jaheiras romance runs perfectly and I am close to finishing it. currently at lovetalk 61

    It will definately be interesting to see how the final encounter with Bodhi will play out, but as someone has mentioned, it will properly randomly pick one, if I have completed both.

  • TheMadVikingTheMadViking Member Posts: 35
    Some news regarding multiple romances without mods

    It seems that I have hit a roadblock. I have just escaped Spellhold. All is still well regarding multiple romances, but when the party sleep the first time after Spellhold, we all know that you will hit a sequence where Charnames newfound power will come into play. This sequence also ties into the ongoing romance(s). The game will take the romance that is furthest along and terminate the other, setting it to 3.

    In my case, after the sequence, Jaheira responded as her romance was furthest along, but it also set Viconias romance to 3, effectively terminating it.

    Being curious, I played around with the Viconias "lovetalk" variables in SK and if you get a "lovetalk" in Viconias romance that is triggered by sleeping, it will set her romance as active and terminating Jaheiras.

    So I'm once again in a situation where one excludes the other. Sadly I cannot see a way out of this one, unless I stop sleeping ingame for the rest of the game. That is not feasible.

    Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,339
    kind of thought so

    just the way the globals are set up, they really do their due diligence in making sure that you can have 1 romance at a time

    the only way to really make it to have multiple romances is to get rid of all the scripting and globals that end the romances

    which in theory can be done, but then you have to make sure everything else is still correct for them to continue on

  • TheMadVikingTheMadViking Member Posts: 35
    @ sarevok 57


    I still am curious if completing both romances are possible before going to Spellhold. I got to lovetalk 51, which is way past the original "choose me or her" dialogue with Viconia, before I completed Jaheiras romance.

    I still think that the game will force you to choose one romance or another indirectly at the point I have mentioned in my aforementioned post. it seems like it is controlled by the Lovetalk number, if both romances are active. The highest one will win. In that case, it will always be Jaheiras romance that will win as her romance by far have the most "lovetalks" variables, as I recall

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