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Old School BG attack bug?

Does anyone else remember an original BG1 bug(?) where, when you raised your AC via armor, the basic enemies of the game would just start rolling nothing but 18-20s to hit you?

I remember, in the old days, walking at high lvl through maps, clearing up fog of war. I’d encounter a pack of gibberlings, but would wade in with full plate and shield (negative AC) and get shredded by gibberlings rolling all 18-20s only. I can’t be the only one, right?


  • PingwinPingwin Member Posts: 193
    Nope, used to play the original BG1 a lot and never heard of it. Sure it wasn't just bad luck?

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,630
    i remember having a play through waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, like 2006ish, if not earlier, and i had an evil play through, and i dont know what was going on, but in EVERY single battle it seemed, the enemy always started with a critical hit on my guys, even after reloads, they would get that same critical hit ( coincidentally this was also my first evil play through )

    so after that moment ( i stopped playing when i got to level 5 or so, because the amount of critical hits was getting out of control ) i always thought that if you played an evil play through, enemies would just naturally critical hit you all the time like that play through did

    but years later, i tried another evil play through, and didnt have that problem, the RNG felt way more fair, so that was bizarre indeed

    also while im thinking about it, it could be possible that what effects the RNG of rolls could get "corrupted" per se in certain play throughs perhaps, because in real life, there is actually no such thing as "RNG" when you program for it, you can't make programs "randomly" do things, you still have to program it off of something, sometimes programs will use white noise, or temperature, or something like that to make it "feel" like RNG, so im thinking whatever is making the RNG for vanilla BG was getting messed up and hence the reason why we saw those whacky things

    actually, this also reminds me of a time when i was playing around with a level cap remover mod and i was killing gibberlings that have the creature name "ray" ( pretty much the same gibberlings except these ones gave 3050 - 3500 XP per kill ) and i noticed that after i hit level 9 or 10 or so, i was taking way less damage from them, at lower levels they were hitting me like freight train locomotives, but then when i hit level 11 or so, even without a helmet they were doing like 4 damage on critical hits, very bizarre indeed

  • JarlealeJarleale Member Posts: 114
    I've encountered a similar 'bug'. It was not related to armor, but to the fatigue modifier for not resting for a long time, I think.

  • AaezilAaezil Member Posts: 166
    Sounds like a bug - never had that bug back in the day

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