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Key binding on android devices

PathologicPathologic Member Posts: 4
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to keybind spells to specific keys on an android device for bg trilogy? Im in hospital for 3 weeks and dont have access to a pc, so Im hoping there is some way I can do it through the Badur.lua or override someow..

Im finding heavy spellcasters to be extremely unweildy without the ability to bind keys.

Searches on the topic have brought up very little. There is a post on here that implies I could bind keys in the old baldur.ini (but the same method didn't work in baldur.lua unless i screwed up badly), and I found an old link to a script creator that could make scripts like the ones in game that set hotkeys, but it requires a pc. Is there a simple way I can do it that I've missed? I thought the script method would be easy but it seems like the scripts are essentially inaccessible without an intermediary program to compile them.

Another option i considered was making a row of extra ui buttons similar to the thieving button that someone wrote that keeps showing up in my searches, but again, it doesnt seem simple to achieve without a pc.

Thanks in advance.


  • PathologicPathologic Member Posts: 4
    I just came across the post regarding editing the file, which holds some hope! Maybe Ill go ask there; it seems like the actionbar is automatically populated :s

    I wish I could just make an extra row of vertical buttons next to the left bar that all function like the "favorite spells" buttons on casters at the bottom!

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