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Import save file to BG2

LarlockLarlock Member Posts: 1
Hey guys, I know it has been asked a million times how to import your save file from bg1 to bg2, but I still have a problem!
I have done all the steps, I have a final save from BG1EE, I copied it to the save folder in BG2, I even find it when I go to the load game screen in BGII.

But when I try to import the character from the save file it doesn't show anything. What am I doing wrong?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,750
    there is an easier way in my opinion if you are using PC:

    first, export your character ( although i think the game does this for you automatically when you beat bg1 as; CHAR1 i believe....? ) so if the game doesnt do it, you will have to

    then open up "my documents" then "baldur's Gate" then "characters" and then copy whatever you called the export file; aka - lets say the game did it for you and it actually was CHAR1 -

    and paste that character file into the "baldur's gate 2" characters folder

    and after that is done, start a new game in bg2 and in character creation select "import" and then choose the "character file" option and then select your character form the list

    and everything should be fine afterwards

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