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IWD EE: Heart O.W bug. On Switch

ReroshaggyReroshaggy Member Posts: 1
Cannot translate "Mystery Of The Dead" with Edion Caradoc. When option to give him the three armors, text box states items taken and he responds "Perfect, just what I'm looking for.....". It goes no further. Pressing continue doesn't move things forward. Tried diff. Times of day, with different party members. This is after clearing barrows. You also are unable to press pause or options screen...forcing close of game with switch menu.


  • hocusprocushocusprocus Member Posts: 1
    Up, stuck in the same situation.. 🤬🤬
  • meybroder1meybroder1 Member Posts: 10
    edited July 2022
    Huge thank you to everyone who has worked on this. I look forward to throwing my money at you. (EDIT: I only just noticed you've said it will be free :o I hope you drop a donation link with it because I'd love to support this project)
    snaptube vidmate

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