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Switch IWD EE Minor spell sequencer game lock

On the switch edition casting minor spell sequencer on my sorcerer (dragon disciple) causes the game to lock and forces a restart. When the spell finished instead of opening the sequencer menu it simply greys the main screen and music continues to play. The game accepts no inputs after this and a hard restart is required.


  • loupgrisloupgris Member Posts: 2
    Same on xbox
  • UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 100
    edited May 2020
    I can also confirm this...the spell is just broken on console (Switch). I cast it with a gnome illusionist/thief, same situation. Screen greyed out, complete freeze.

    Tried messing around a little bit, I un-memorized every spell other than sequencer just to see what would happen...same situation.

    Since the above post was from 6 months ago it seems like there isn't a big player base or lot of demand for an IWD console patch, so I don't expect to see a fix. Curious whether later sequencers also lock the game.
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  • Johan_JJohan_J Member Posts: 3
    Can confirm the bug still exists on Switch. It would be nice to have a patch for this tbh.
  • DinoDino Member Posts: 291

    Still not fixed 😡
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