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Is it possible to make it so players can equip unidentified items?

Hey folks, my question is as the titles states, is it possible to allow PC's to equip unidentified items? I know that the game natively does not allow players to equip unidentified items, but NPC's seem to be able to when controlling them through the DM client.

The reason I'd like to alter this, is that I run several weekly DnD campaigns through NWN:EE and would like for the players to have the capacity to equip/use items that they aren't entirely certain about what effects they have. For example, the group finds a powerful weapon in a dungeon and despite the lore checks, no one is able to make heads or tails of what it does, it would be cool for one of the players to use the weapon despite not understanding it's full properties.

Any insight to whether or not this is something that is hard coded would be very useful.


  • jglvz256jglvz256 Member Posts: 52
    Would be cool. Also for Cursed items as well, which are awkward to implement in nwn since no one in their right mind would equip an item once it is identified as cursed.

  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 875
    edited October 2019

    The way to do this in NWN is to make the item identified, but with a Unique Power (On Hit, for weapons), then script some random behaviour.

    The nice thing is that no one can ever know the full effect of a unique power (unless they read the script).

    Random events can also be generated from heartbeat or trigger scripts when a player has the item equipped.

    Cursed items can be managed by scripting the Uneqip event to re-equip. You can even change the name or description at that time to "cursed Wabbajack" or whatever.

  • RananRanan Member Posts: 34
    Interesting, I'm aware that NPC's can equip and utilize unidentified weapons and armor, but I am unsure if it's hard coded that PC's can't, or if there is a base/default script in the module that fires/disallows them from equipping those items

  • CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 358
    I made that mistake only once in BG and I never forgot how stupid I was to equip it.

    I can imagine it now as a new player finds a magic helm and just puts it on...Oh No! I'm evil now...why?

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