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HP Lower in BG2 then Siege of Dragonspear

I have just finished S of DS and transferred my character to BG 2 and they now have less HP. My character is a swashbuckler 10 duel to mage 10. I had 88 hp in S of DS and only 56 in BG 2 I got a few more when I cast find familiar but still not 88. Dose anyone have any ideas why this might be?


  • DaevelonDaevelon Member Posts: 582
    edited October 23
    It's an old and well known bug; i guess you imported your characters from file and not from savegame (this last procedure fix the issue).
    Pratically, while importing from file a dual classed character, BG calculates again HP considering the second class and not the original one.
    EDIT: it's supposed to being fixed in 2.6 patch, but i wouldn't keep my breath waiting for it.

  • 10Bazza1110Bazza11 Member Posts: 160
    Thanks for confirming Deavelon I did think it was something like that. However I did cheat to get the HP I had so will just continue my play through.

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