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Possible to have a different XP cap for charname as for npcs?

leeowensoasleeowensoas Member Posts: 73
I always felt it would make more sense for party members to stop gaining levels after lv 30, as beyond that is considered godhood, and only charname and maybe imoen could advance past the lv 30 threshold. Is there a mod which makes this a possibility?


  • DaevelonDaevelon Member Posts: 582
    edited October 29
    You can just stop to level them up, if the "+" on portraits don't annoy you. Or, if you choose a class that nobody of your companions have, you can set a class threshold.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,911
    Some balance problems would be introduced.
    Multi becoming more powerful.
    Classes that rely late game on hla. (fighters) or high level spells (mages) underpowered.
    An even more charname centric party.

    And i don't see enough clues in the game lore to justify it, charname has some god essence, but also a lot of very average people, the ones trapped in saradush, have it, and even if he got some minor powers, free low level spells, he is not even able to survive but a short time the slayer form, that i see more as a corruption then gaining power.
    But it is only my taste.

    Anyway @Daevelon is right, a mod is not even needed.

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,137
    edited October 30
    You could drop their xp to 0 while keeping their level via eekeeper. A 30 level mage npc won't reach level 31 anytime soon if he needs to start from scratch.

    Post edited by DJKajuru on
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